Investor Relations

Issuer: Growth Capital Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: GCACU, GCAC, GCACW)
Offering: $172,500,000 
Units Offered: 17,250,000 units @ $10.00 per unit
Unit Composition: Each unit consists of 1 share of Class A common stock and 1/2 redeemable warrant (each whole warrant entitles the holder to purchase 1 share of Class A common stock)
Sponsor Investment: $5,175,000
Time Horizon: 18 months
Cash Held in Trust: 100.0% or $10.00 per unit, in Trust for the initial 18-months from IPO
Warrant Strike/Call Price: $11.50 / $18.00
Warrant Duration: Expires after 5 years from closing of the initial business combination
Sponsor Promote: 20%
Lock Up:  6-month lock-up of Sponsor’s shares post-BC or released from lock-up if the stock is ≥ $12.00 for any 20 trading days within any 30 trading day period commencing at least 60 days post-BC
Sole Book Runner: Maxim Group LLC

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